Heart Broken

There are times in our lives that we might actually feel our hearts break. I can think of a few times in my life. There are days that we know will change the direction of our lives. Today was a day like that for a very dear friend. And my heart is breaking with hers.
Last night I left church filled to the brim…like whatever this week dealt out, I would be just fine…our God is stronger…I sang it…I believed it…I still believe it. But my heart is heavy for a friend who is going through a tremendous loss. And the fact that I can’t find the words to comfort her…it killed me. I couldn’t ‘fix’ it.
And that is part of this journey too. Learning how to deal with days like this, the ones that sneak up on me and leave me asking the question, “Why, God?” It’s days like this that remind me that I am not the one to ‘fix’ it and I am not the one in control. The only thing I have control of is the choices I make once the emotions get going. Will I stick to my journey when my heart is breaking for a friend?
The answer today is yes. 

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